Southwood Corner Redevelopment

January 2019 Update

The Southwood Corner land use redesignation application was approved 11-4 at the Council meeting on January 14, 2019. At this point in time we do not know what the plans are moving forward. The Board will continue to promote opportunities for community engagements to ensure that the final vision of Southwood Corner is one we can be proud of. 

Thank you to everyone that participated during this rigorous project. We will ensure that you remain updated on any information that comes our way.

November 2018 Update

The Southwood Corner land use application was presented by City Administration on November 15 to the Calgary Planning Commission. The CPC is recommending that Council approve the land use redesignation. The application will be heading to a Public Hearing on Monday, January 14, 2019

How to provide your input:
The Public Hearing will be your final opportunity to provide council with your comments on this file. Please send any and all information directly to the City Clerk's Office. Please do not send any information to the file manager responsible for this application as they are no longer responsible for it and they cannot guarantee your words will be heard. When submitting your information, please ensure that you include the file number LOC2017-0255. 

You can submit your input in several ways:

In advance between now and January 6, 2019 by

  • email: 

  • mail: City Clerk's Office / Mail Code #8007 / PO Box 2100, Station M / Calgary, AB / T2P 2M5 

  • Telephone: 403-268-5861  

  • Fax: 403-269-2362

In person at the public hearing on January 14, 2019

For the public hearing you are able to speak either in support or opposition to the application. You will have an opportunity to do so once the Mayor has presented the application and calls for members to present. When it comes time to present, you will work your way to the podium where you will introduce yourself and spell your name. You will have five minutes per person, per presentation.

For more information on this, please visit:

September 2018 update

On September 13, Sable Developments Inc. and Rick Balbi Architects hosted an open house to provide an update on their plans for Southwood Corner. As they shared in April, they have decided not to proceed with their original vision of developing above the portion of the building between No Frills and Fabricland. At the September 13 open house they shared new conceptual plans for the site.

Their immediate task for this site is to complete the Land Use application with the City of Calgary. Once this application is finalized and if it is approved, Sable will continue to work on the new conceptual plans, and will begin the process of creating more detailed drawings for the site. They have stated they will continue to involve the community through the design phase.  **The conceptual plans are subject to change**  

View the plans here.

Because the conceptual plans are more comprehensive than those that were previously presented, Sable believes they will be looking at a longer timeline to work through the planning stages and construction.

Next Steps

You can follow the status of the application on the City of Calgary’s webpage:

City staff will present a recommendation on this application to the Calgary Planning Commission on November 15, 2018.

Public Hearing

A public hearing will be scheduled following the Calgary Planning Commission meeting. Should the CPC not request any additional information, the application will then proceed to the hearing before city council. When the project reaches this point, it will be your opportunity to speak in support or in opposition to this application. You will also have an opportunity to provide a letter to council prior to the public hearing. We urge you to continue to check the City’s webpage on this application to see when this option is available. Southwood Connects will update the page when the information becomes available. 

May 2018 Update

Changes have been made to the proposed development at Southwood Corner 

At the April board meeting, Sable Development’s President, Sam Boguslavsky, presented to the Board and community members that they will not be moving forward with the proposed development located above the No Frills to Fabricland portion of the shopping centre. Sable’s team is working to complete a comprehensive plan for the entire site and they will be presenting to the community when it’s completed. The date for this presentation is to be determined. We will continue to update this webpage as we are presented with new information.

Southwood's official statement on the current Land Use Application for Southwood Corner (LOC2017-0255)

As part of the Land Use Application process, the Southwood Community Association has submitted a letter to City Council stating the Association's position on the proposal (per the results of the January 22, 2018 General Meeting). You can read the letter here



A General Meeting was held on Monday, January 22, 2018 regarding Sable Development’s Land Use Application for Southwood Corner.

After a short presentation, Community Association Members were asked to vote on whether they supported or opposed the two components of the current Land Use Application for Southwood Corner (LOC2017-0255): an increase to the allowable height, and an increase to the allowable floor area ratio (FAR). Members could choose to support or oppose each component. 

Results were as follows:

There were 87 votes (and one spoiled vote)

Increase height: Support 23 votes (26%), Oppose 64 votes (74%)

Increase FAR: Support 30 votes (34%), Oppose 57 votes (66%)

Next steps

These results are now the Southwood Community Association's official position on Land Use Application LOC2017-0255. Becky Poschmann, Director of Development, will capture these results in a letter that will be submitted to City Council on the Community Association's behalf. 

Project overview

Sable Developments is planning to redevelop Southwood Corner. They have submitted a land use application to the City of Calgary. The Land Use Application is looking to increase the allowable height from 15 m to 24 m and the allowable Floor Area Ratio from 0.32 to 2.0. The land use will remain as Community-Corridor 2.

The application is in submission with the City of Calgary as work is being completed on the Traffic Impact Assessment. Continue checking the City’s website for any updates on when comments may been presented to the file manager. The application number is LOC2017-0255.

A redevelopment of this nature will require a series of applications and approvals by the developer. At this point in time, the Community Association is only focusing on what is being applied for with the current land use application - the increase to the allowable height and floor area ratio. Any information regarding the future redevelopment or subsequent applications (i.e. Development Permit and Building Permit) is speculative and will only move forward should the developer receive approval from City Council on the current land use application.

Sable Developments had been planning to build additional levels on top of the No Frills to Fabricland portion of the existing mall, along with an above-ground parking garage. At the April 2018 Community Association meeting, they advised that this was no longer their intention. Sable’s team is working to complete a comprehensive plan for the entire site and they will be presenting to the community when it’s completed.

Meeting Reports

January 22, 2018 - The Southwood Community Association held a General Meeting to determine the Association's position on the Southwood Corner land use application. There was a short presentation followed by a vote by Association members. View the presentation here

September 28, 2017 - Sable Developments Inc. attended a Southwood Community Association Board of Directors meeting and took questions from attendees. Read the report here

September 7, 2017 - There was an initial meeting between Sable Developments Inc., the Southwood Home Owners' Committee, and other affected neighbours. Read the report here

August 30, 2017 - Becky Poschmann, the Director of Development for the Community Association, along with the Southwood Committee Pat Befus, Brooke Dillon, and Rick Vigrass, held a meeting with neighbours in close proximity to the site to provide information regarding the project and discuss their questions and concerns. Read the report here.